Ground Breaking for George Kendagor Christian Academy

Photo of temporary classroom
Temporary classroom

As George Kendagor Christian Academy (GKCA) grew over the past decade it had to expand into temporary buildings.  The Kenyan government now requires that all classroom have to be housed in permanent buildings.  Grace4Kenya is raising funds to build a 10-classroom permanent building to house the primary school.

Jane and David Kendagor’s decade-long dream to build a permanent structure to house the existing primary school began to become a reality in December 2019 with architectural drawings and a budget for the project.  Grace4Kenya is raising funds in phases for construction that will cost about $170,000.

Photo of excavation dug
Excavation dug
Photo of dedication ceremony
Dedication ceremony

The first phase of building the foundation began in January 2021.  Once the foundation was excavated the students and teachers of GKCA gathered at the site to pray for and celebrate the construction of a new school.

Much of the foundation was hand-dug and internal structures for plumbing and electricity placed.     The new school will have plumbing, electricity, a computer lab and library.

Hand digging foundation
Hand digging foundation
Photo of Pouring concrete
Pouring concrete

The concrete slab has been poured and they are ready to begin Phase 2. The total cost of Phase 1 used approximately $42,000 of the First Quarter 2021 Construction grant of $50,000. “Thank you so much for making this prayer request of many years come true,” Jane and David.